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Disclosure:  This page contains affiliate links, which means I get a commission if you choose to buy a product through my links at no cost to you.  Please read our affiliate disclosure for more info.  

Recommended Products

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Portuguese Floor Corker - Easy insertion and does not leave an impression on the top of the cork

Carboy Dryer - Dry carboys and store upside down with the stackable carboy dryer

Stainless Racking Cane - Durable, easy to clean, and thin walled for a larger inside diameter and faster flow

pH Meter - A reliable and accurate pH meter is a must if you are making quality wine.  This is the best meter that I know of that doesn't break the bank

Wine Thief - I use this all the time!  Great for drawing a sample of wine for tasting or testing.  This size is good for carboys and small barrels.

Triple Scale Hydrometer - So useful, but so fragile!  I like to keep a spare hydrometer around in case it breaks during a critical time.

Carbon Filter - Use with a food grade hose to turn spigot water into chlorine free, usable water.

Wine Press.JPG

Wine Press - This is the press that I use for up to 500lbs of grapes. (about 75lbs per squeeze) 

Rogue Hoe.JPG

Grape Hoe - This is my favorite vineyard tool and makes short work of weeding rows

Recommended Supplies

Lalvin EC-1118 Yeast - One of the most reliable yeast strains around.  General Purpose.  Works for most wine applications

Star San - Excellent sanitizer for wine equipment.  Does not require rinsing. Does not oxidize wine like other one step cleaners

American Oak Cubes - Medium plus toast delivers softer tannin and more distinct oak aromas

FT Rouge Tannin - Use during fermentation to stabilize color, increase mouth feel, and improve resistance to oxidation

Lallzyme EX -  Use in red wines to increase extraction of fruity, floral and peppery attributes

Recommended Literature

Techniques in Home Winemaking - Daniel Pambianchi - One of my favorite reference books for winemaking.  Packed with information.

Creating World Class Red Wine - Mark Stanley - A quick read that is focused specifically on red wine.  Easy to understand and great for all levels of winemaker.

Modern Winemaking - Philip Jackisch - The classic  winemaking book that is well written and easy to understand.  This book has held up to the test of time

Wine grape production guide.JPG

Postmodern Winemaking - Clark Smith - A look inside some of the techniques used by world class wineries.  After you have got a few harvests under your belt, pick up this book. 

Wine Grape Production Guide for Eastern North America - This is the best wine growing book that I have found for new growers and covers a broad range of topics.

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