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This is the winemaking tool that you didn't know that you needed but will make wine sampling a breeze.  Made in the USA.   The Brefalo slides snugly onto the neck of most glass carboys up to 6.5 gallons and frees up your hands while sampling or blending wine.  This convenient tool is laser cut from 14 gauge brushed 304 stainless steel.  A flexible neoprene grommet provides a secure grip on the carboy neck. 


How it Works?

1.  Slip it over the neck of your carboy snugly against the second hump. 

2. Place your wine thief in the wine thief holder

3. Remove the stopper and place in the appropriate stopper holder

4. Grab the wine thief with one hand and a wine glass with the other and take a sample.

5.  Replace the stopper, run your tests, and crack a beer with the integrated bottle opener.

Brewfalo - Sampling Assistant

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  • 14 gauge laser cut stainless steel buffalo shaped winemaking assistant with bottle opener

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