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Have you ever walked up to your kegerator, only to find that your tap had been leaking all night and most of your keg is on the floor?  This automatic spring return for a beer or wine faucet is here to rescue you from any future spills. 


The self closing beer faucet adapter includes two laser cut stainless steel, MADE IN USA brackets and two tension springs.  This patent pending system fits most beer or wine faucets, even if they have a flow control lever, like a Perlick 650SS or Intertap D1209.  Now you can have a self closing Perlick or Intertap flow control which was not previously an option.  The C shaped bracket snaps onto the shank behind the threaded cuff, with no disassembly required.  Just click it on from the right side!  The lever bracket fits just under your tap handle on your threaded lever.  The two springs connect the two brackets, offering a firm, reliable shutoff for your tap system.  


Package Includes:  

One Stainless Steel Shank Bracket

One Stainless Steel Lever Bracket

Two Tension Springs


Beverage Faucet Not Included....

Self-Closing Spring System for Beer or Wine Taps

SKU: 32121001
$16.65 Regular Price
$9.99Sale Price
  • Laser Cut from 20 Gauge Stainless Steel

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