February 24, 2018

When making wine it is extremely important to follow good cleaning and sanitizing practices.  General cleaning removes any organic materials from the equipment but it is still important to eliminate any bacteria, yeasts, or other spoilage microbes from your equipment before using it.  This is where sanitizing comes in handy.  Racking canes, bottles, carboys and other equipment should be always go through a quick sanitizing ste...

August 10, 2017

A 30 gallon oak barrel full of wine weighs upwards of 300lbs.  That is some serious weight to be moving around, and a barrel stand on wheels can make your life a lot easier!  You make a barrel stand from scrap 2x4s and swiveling castor wheels, but for the price of four wheels you can get a fully assembled furniture dolly ($20).  The dolly includes four castors, has a capacity of 1000lbs, and is a great starting point for a mov...

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September 27, 2019

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